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Guovdageaidnu: Orun Guovdageainnus.
Kautokeino: I live in Kautokeino.
Deatnu: Orun Deanus.
Tana: I live in Tana.
Gáivuotna: Orun Gáivuonas.
Kåfjord: I live in Kåfjord.
Báttargáddi: Orun Báttargáttis.
I live in Báttargáddi.
Kárášjohka: Orun Kárášjogas.
Karasjok: I live in Karasjok.
Guovdageaidnu: Guovdageainnu suohkan.
Kautokeino: Kautokeino municipality.
Deatnu: Deanu gielda.
Tana: Tana municipality.
Gáivuotna: Gáivuona suohkan
Kåfjord: Kåfjord municipality
Finnmárku: Finnmárkku fylka
Finnmark: Finnmark county
Romsa: Romssa fylka
Tromso: Tromso county
Doppe orrot ollu olbmot.
There many people live.
Dáppe lea dušše okta skuvla.
There is only one school here.
Mun liikon orrut doppe.
I like living here.
Dáppe lea allaskuvla.
Here is the highschool.
Muital iežat ruovttubáikki birra.
Tell about your own hometown.
Mii doppe gávdno, leago gilli vai gávpot vai meahcci?
What's found there, is it a village or town or wilderness?