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Čakčat sevnnjoda ja čoskkiida.
In the fall is gets darker and colder.
Lasttat gahččet muorain, arvá.
Leaves fall off the trees, it rains.
Skuvllat fas álget.
School starts again.
Čakčat sáhttá murjjiid čoaggit; luopmániid, sarrihiid ja joŋaid.
In autumn one can pick berries; cloudberries, blueberries, and lingonberries.
Juohke čavčča mun oassálasttán ealgabivdui.
Every fall I participate in the elk hunt.
Fall activities:
lubmet ja murjet
to pick cloudberries and pick (other) berries
guobbariid čoaggit
to pick mushrooms
gámasuinniid čuohppat ja goikadit
to cut grass and dry it
to saw or chop (wood)
njuovvat niestebohcco
to slaughter reindeer
haymaking work
buđehiid roggat
to dig the potatoes
eará šattuid roggat
to dig the other vegetables
ealgabivdu, rievssatbivdu
Moose hunting, grouse hunting
Makkár doaimmat dus leat čakčat?
What kind of work do you have in the fall?