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Polar night:
Skábma lea sevdnjesáigi.
The polar night is a dark time.
Dalle lea čoaskkis ja seavdnjat.
Then it is cool and dark.
Mii ráhkkanit juovllaide.
We prepare for Christmas.
Skábman olmmoš lea váibbas.
In the polar night one is tired.
Dalle lea buorre dolastit.
Then it's good to make a fire.
Dálvet muohta gokčá eatnamiid.
In the winter snows covers the earth.
Jogat ja jávrrit leat jikŋon.
Rivers and lakes are frozen.
Máilbmi lea vielgat.
The world is white.
Dálvet sáhttá čuoigat ja luistet.
In winter you can ski and ice skate.
Mus leat sabehat.
I have skis.
Mus leat maid njuikensabehat.
I also have jumpskis.
Juohke dálvvi mun bivddán guliid jieŋa alde.
Every winter I hunt fish on the ice.
Mun dagan rutni jiekŋabovrrain.
I make an ice hole with an ice drill.
Mun čohkkán duolji alde.
I sit on a reindeer skin.