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After dinner, I had some ice cream.
After eating dinner, I took a nap for about a half hour.
After classes finish, I will go to my club activities.
You shouldn't look at your smartphone before going to bed.
This area is dangerous, so you're not allowed to enter.
You shouldn't skip class so much.
I like Japanese culture
It's pretty hot today, right?
Soccer used to be my hobby, but I don't play anymore.
I can do it by myself.
The only food I dislike are tomatoes.
I want to make as many new Yamada Sensei lesson's as I possibly can.
My new bike is pretty cool, right?
I wonder if Tomoko-sensei will come.
I thought (figured) as much.
I will go by bicycle.
Let's go together with everyone!
I sometimes go to sing karaoke by myself.
I want to speak to Japanese people more. But my Japanese is not so good.
I like animals. But I love dogs the most.
I went to the library. But I wasn't able to concentrate.
I wonder who that person is.
This problem is easy, right?
Why aren't you coming?
How/why did that happen?
How/why do you know that?
to be popular.
Last month I had no money.
I have a TV in my room.