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I want a girlfriend.
I want a lot of money.
How many children do you want to have?
There is a cat below the table.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I don't have any siblings.
If you're tired, it's best to go to bed early.
It's best to drink a lot of water on hot days.
Before going to bed, it's best to not touch your smartphone.
He worked the hardest.
Fall is my favorite season.
I hate broccoli the most.
Let's study Japanese together.
Let's go to karaoke together tonight.
I want to be together with him forever.
Not now.
Isn't it dangerous?
That wasn't my plan/intention.
Since the weather is nice, I want to go outside.
I'll return shortly, so please wait here just a moment.
From now on, let's have a good relationship (I'll be counting on you).
His way of living is really cool.
I don't know how to use a computer.
Do you know how to make a cake?
Work is tough, but fun.
I don't have money, but I have dreams.
I'm not good at sports, but I like them.
This camera was really expensive, but it broke right away.
It's hot outside, but inside the house is cool.
I'm sleepy but still have homework to do so I can't go to bed.