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Is it ready yet? / are we there yet? / Still...?
It's still hot out.
Our teacher still hasn't come.
Do your best all the way until the end!
I was on vacation until yesterday.
That's really far from here!
I always go to the restroom before class.
Before opening the door, please at least knock first.
Don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.
Do you want to eat together today?
Do you want to watch a movie at my place?
Would you care for some tea?
Let's go!
Let's meet at the station!
It's already dinner time, let's hurry up and eat!
Shall we eat? / Do you want to eat?
Shall I help you? / Do you want some help? / Let me help you?
Shall I help carry your luggage?
I can do it/that too.
I like sweets as well as spicy foods.
Everyone came to sing karaoke. Our teacher came too.
I can't take it anymore.
We drank all of the drinks. There aren't any left.
It's lunch time already, let's hurry up and eat.
I came to work today without eating any breakfast.
I drink my tea without putting any sugar in it.
Lately it's pretty cool, so I go to sleep without using the AC.
Please don't cry.
Don't forget about our plans tomorrow!
Please don't worry about me.