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But why? (expressing disagreement)
I love Japan. However, the summer is very hot!
Today's class was difficult.. But, it was a lot of fun!
I've been to France before.
I've heard of that before.
I've only tried karaoke once before.
I'm tired and don't want to study anymore.
Sensei, there is something I'd like to ask you.
My bicycle broke, so I want to buy a new one.
In my free time I (do things like) watch movies and listen to music.
Today I'm busy with (things like) doing my homework and cleaning my room.
In the library, there's a lot of people (doing things like) reading books/magazines and studying.
My homework has already been finished. (focus on the fact that the homework is done)
At night, the school entrance is closed.
What is written (has been wrote) here?
I am reading (currently or in general) an interesting book.
After eating I went for a walk.
We must wash our hands after using the restroom.
I'll come home after I finish shopping.
Please wait a moment.
Please stop!
Please quiet down.
You must not tell lies.
We cannot be loud in the library.
That was a joke that we shouldn't of laughed at.
I work even on Sundays.
Even children can do this.
Even if it rains, I'm doing the laundry today.