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If you push this button, the door will open.
If you go, then I'm going too!
If you leave right away, you'll still make it in time!
I want to talk together just the two of us.
I get worked up just thinking about her.
Just by thinking of my homework I start to lose motivation.
Well if it isn't Tom?
What wonderful weather we're having (right?)
There's heavy rain outside, but even so I still need to head out.
My girlfriend gets scared easily so horror movies are out of the question.
I'm sensitive to the cold, so I don't really like winter.
Please don't feel scared (or afraid).
Please don't be shy and come up here.
Feeling (or appearing to be) bitter after losing the match.
to begin eating.
When are you starting that?
Once she starts talking, there's no stopping her.
Today is a national holiday, so surely the banks are closed.
Father should be returning home anytime now.
Tanaka-san can't be home right now since he is currently travelling.
There's no way you're going to be able to eat all of that.
That person was hospitalized yesterday, so there's no way they're coming to tomorrow's race.
Tanaka-san is a very honest and hardworking person. There is no way he would take leave without informing us.
I have no need for this anymore.
Why is it necessary to do that?
The doctor told him that he needs to quit smoking.
Let's go, shall we?
You should know that's no good / you can't do that.
I told you so! (didn't I)