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I wonder if that's true.
I wonder who that is.
I wonder if he is serious.
This might be a bit difficult.
That may be the case. / You may be right.
I might be sick.
I wonder if she's doing well.
I wonder if it's going to rain.
I wonder if it's cold outside.
It suddenly started raining.
The rain suddenly stopped.
That car made an abrupt turn.
Please come by no later than 8AM.
When do you need this by?
Please return this book by next week.
Let's talk while walking.
I eat dinner while watching TV.
I listen to music while I study.
What if you're wrong?
If that's the case, then there are no problems.
If you're gonna do it, it's now or never.
They look the same.
He looks like he is American.
Since getting married, she seems very happy.
This question is difficult to answer.
Fish have a bunch of bones and are difficult to eat.
This books print is too small, it's difficult to read.
Let's wait until everyone has finished eating breakfast.
It takes about 5 hours to finish that game.
There was silence when he finished speaking.