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I want you to teach me Japanese / please teach me Japanese.
I wish the teacher would speak more slowly.
I'd love for you to come with me.
to walk / to go by walking / to start walking
I plan to continue to work even after getting married.
This year is going by really fast.
Will you help me?
We can count on him to help us.
My mom makes my bento lunch for me every day.
To come into view (to start coming into view/ to continue coming into view)
I will bring him / pick him up.
He'll be back next week.
I'll give it a shot! / Here goes nothing!
I'll try using this.
I don't know if this is tasty or not, so I'm gonna give it a try.
I will have him come.
I'll have my teacher check my writing/essay.
He requires hospital care.
I'll help you out / let me help you out.
No problem, I'll do it for you.
I'll give you a ride (by car).
He's a kind person, but could be said to be a bit easy to be deceived.
That's a good idea, even brilliant I might say.
Her Japanese is so good you could say she's a native speaker.
He appears to be sick.
He seems to have started to get more serious with his Japanese studies.
Luck seems to be heading his way.
Do you have any hobbies (or anything else you do)?
I love Japanese food, like sushi, ramen, etc.
You should work out every day, even just 5 to 10 minutes is OK.