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Prices will likely continue to rise.
No matter how tough things get, it's important to stay consistent with what you're doing.
I promise to keep loving you forever.
Japanese is easy to understand.
The teacher's voice is easy to hear / easy to listen to.
Hiragana is easier to write than kanji.
It seems as if it will rain / it is raining.
It seems to be that way.
It looks like it's gonna get pretty cold today.
I'm working like a dog.
Those two seem to have a smoldering-like love for each other.
He seemed to live only for his family in my opinion.
I'll try to wake up early tomorrow.
I'll be sure to remember that.
From tomorrow I'm going to try to go running before work every day.
This question is difficult to answer.
Fish have a bunch of bones and are difficult to eat.
This books print is too small, it's difficult to read.
Sometimes I go to play tennis with my girlfriend.
Sometimes I commute to work by bicycle.
Sometimes I fall asleep during meetings.
I can speak Japanese.
She can sing.
This knife can cut through anything.
Today is more hot than yesterday.
Lately the Yen is cheaper than the dollar.
I'm more interested in work than love right now.
Yesterday, while I was home I watched TV the entire time.
I plan to speak Japanese everyday while I am in Japan.
It rained the entire time I was cycling.