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A fire broke out during the night.
I fell asleep before I even realized it.
I want to get good at Japanese while I'm in Japan.
I don't really exercise.
I don't really understand Japanese.
I don't really watch horror movies.
I will head home after I finish my homework at the library.
After dinner, I had some ice cream.
After classes finish, I will go to my club activities.
If you forget your password, please contact us here.
In the case of a fire, call 119.
In the case of an earthquake, cover yourself under a table.
My daughter does nothing but watch TV.
He only thinks about money.
If you just eat sweets you're gonna gain weight.
I get energetic from just meeting you.
I'm happy to just see your picture.
Just by thinking of my homework I start to lose motivation.
It suddenly started raining.
He dashed out of the store.
I was called into the principal's office.
Here is your change.
Nice to meet you, I am Satou from accounting.
We are currently confirming this case.
Would you care for some water or something to drink?
Shall we go with something like the beef bowl?
It's a bit cold so why don't we get something warm to drink?
It is necessary.
I need you!
Is a signature required?