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It has a sweet taste.
I can hear someone's voice.
I smell gas.
Let's start commuting by bicycle from today!
It's already 11pm, let's hurry and go to sleep.
That looks heavy, shall I give you a hand?
Does anyone have any questions?
The headmaster is in the library.
Teacher, until what time will you remain at school?
Excuse me.
I will do this job.
I’ll take you to your seat.
I don't know if the weather will be clear or not tomorrow.
I'm not sure if that is correct or not.
I'll let you know later by phone if I'm going or not.
I wonder if that's true.
I wonder where they could have gone?
I wonder who that is.
Can you walk?
Do you want a coffee?
Do you want to come along?
Wine is made from grapes.
Paper is made from wood.
Sake (Japanese alcohol) is made from rice.
It will likely rain tomorrow.
I am certain she will come.
You studied really hard, so I'm sure tomorrow's test will be fine!
Can you come by my place around eight p.m.?
I am very busy these days.
OK, I’ll pick you up round about nine thirty. Is that right?