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The weather was fine just a moment ago, but now there's heavy rain..
I just woke up, but am still sleepy.
What did you say earlier? I couldn't hear you, so could you tell me one more time?
Please allow me to ask you a question.
Please let me tell you about myself.
I'm not feeling well, so please let me head home early.
I was really surprised.
Just as I thought, I don't want to live in this kind of place.
Even he could not defeat old age.
This coat has a beautiful color, and I like the design, I really want to buy it.
It's the weekend and the weather is nice so the park was packed with people.
He's smart and good at sports, definitely my type.
Yesterday was not so busy.
Japanese is not that difficult.
I don’t like meat that much.
Is that still OK with you?
I still love you anyway.
There's heavy rain outside, but even so I still need to head out.
I'd like a cheeseburger and fries please.
This anime is very popular. In addition, it has good music.
Furthermore, I can't speak a lot of Japanese.
I just woke up.
I was just eating lunch.
I just returned to Japan from America.
That kid seems like he wants to go home.
Kimura-san wanted (wants) to see you.
My son is reluctant to go to cram school.
If I had money, I would go travel.
If I had no time, I wouldn't watch any TV.
If it's cheap, I'd like to buy a computer.