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I'm glad I went!
I'm glad I bought this.
I am glad that I was able to meet you.
He is being hospitalized now.
I am cooking now.
I'm currently studying Japanese at home.
Even if I eat a lot, I still feel hungry.
I work even on Sundays.
Even children can do this.
If you eat ramen everyday, you're gonna gain weight.
If you eat sweets before going to bed, you will get a cavity.
Whenever my boyfriend drinks, his face gets red.
This dog is called "Buddy".
Yesterday, I met a person called Tom.
There's always tomorrow.
I'm so glad you like my voice.
Is it true that you're quitting the company?
He does not know what fear is.
He is said to be a genius.
It's being said that he will quit next month.
It is said that women live longer than men.
I heard that he became a father.
I heard that this movie is interesting.
I heard that he will be coming back.
Don't you think it's beautiful?
I think that is extremely difficult.
I think it will rain today from the afternoon.
I am just about to leave.
I am about to start cooking.
I am about to take a bath.