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There is no teacher that cares as much about their students as Mr. Yamada.
It rained more this year than any other year.
The child was surprisingly large.
Since I came by car, I will have a cola instead of beer.
Today, instead of going to work by car, I went by bicycle.
This morning, instead of drinking coffee, I drank tea.
I don't want to live all alone.
I want to talk privately with you, just the two of us.
I've only met her one time.
Who is/was it again?
What were we talking about again?
When were you going to Tokyo again, was it next week?
You shouldn't push yourself too hard
If you have a cold, you should go to bed early.
It is impossible to do it all at once. It is best to study a little bit everyday.
How many times have I warned you?
This scenery is incredibly beautiful.
If I am able to pass, I will be immeasurably happy!
It's been decided that I'll be transferring to Osaka for work.
The entrance ceremony will be held on April 1st.
My parents ended up deciding to get a divorce.
I've decided to go running every day from now on.
I've decided to quit smoking.
I've decided to go to Taiwan with my girlfriend during spring break.
There is no need for you to apologize.
There is plenty of time so there is no need to rush.
This is just a basic cold, so there is no need to worry.
About how many customers are there?
The test was so difficult, I felt like I wanted to cry.
About how long did you practice?