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Although he is healthy, he is pretending to be sick.
Although Tanaka's mother is Japanese, he doesn't understand any Japanese.
Even though he is a man, he is scared of dogs.
Last night, I fell asleep while studying.
These vegetables taste good even raw.
Please enter with your current shoes.
"Why don't you eat it?" "Because it doesn't taste good at all."
When I was a child, I used to play a lot...
When I was a student, I used to go to the library everyday...
Before, I often went to concerts...
Professor, I have something that I would like for you to explain to me.
Could I see your textbook? (I would like to see your textbook)
Despite it being small, I love this apartment.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to today's event.
Even though my family is poor, we get along well and are happy.
You must not wear makeup.
I really hate natto (Japanese fermented soybean)
There's no way I could take a class spoken in Japanese.
Even if I wanted to, I cannot quit my job because I have debts to pay.
Next month I am going back to my home country. Why? Because I am attending my younger sister's wedding.
I changed schools because there was no soccer club at my old school.
They said that they did not know.
I heard that my sister is going to get married.
I heard that this restaurant has good curry.
I will say a word of thanks in place of my father.
My little brother made dinner instead of my mom.
Please accept my greetings in place of my boss who is currently away on a business trip.