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Only after I started studying Japanese did I realize the joys of studying.
Only after going abroad, did I realize how small my world was.
I did not feel like I had become an adult until I had my own child.
Speaking of summer in Japan, it's extremely hot!
Speaking of spring, it's graduation season (in Japan anyway).
Speaking of Japan, it's famous foods are ramen and sushi.
This winter is said to be record breakingly mild.
Because red is the color of life, it is said to expresses love and courage.
It is said that it is best not to wash colored materials (like red) together with white shirts.
Jim called and it seems like he will be a little bit late.
What in the world does this mean? / What is going on?
Your test score was 85%. In other words, you passed.
When thinking of anime that is popular abroad, surely Dragon Ball comes to mind!
Speaking of Japan's big cities, Tokyo and Osaka come to mind.
When you think of Detroit (city), what image do you have?
If (we) go by walking, it will likely take about 40 minutes.
If I were to buy a new car, I would want to get an American car.
If that story is true, then I'd be really happy!
As the teacher said, the exam was difficult.
The weather started to clear up. The weather forecast was right.
I followed the map that the employee drew for me, but ended up getting lost.
As soon as I opened the window, a strong wind came in.
My face turns red the instant I start to drink alcohol.
I became dizzy as soon as I stood up.
Since you are going for a walk, could you please mail this letter for me?
Since I went to the post office, I bought a postcard.
If you are going out, could you do me a favor?
Bill does not have a cell phone or computer. In other words, we cannot contact him by email.
My mother's older brother, in other words, my uncle, is a college professor.