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I was planning to go shopping yesterday, but I stayed home all day because of a headache.
I was planning to not eat any sweets, but that did not last long.
I was going to put this letter in the mail box, but I forgot.
Not only is she a good student, but she is also good at cooking.
Her work can be enjoyed not only by adults, but also by children.
Cabbage tastes good raw and of course also tastes good when stir fried.
Although you say you don't have any money, you seem to travel a lot.
She looks young for her age.
Although you did not study for the test, you did well.
He looks very energetic.
He looks like he hates studying.
She looks like a teacher.
I don't mind if it rains.
I don't mind you not coming if you really don't want to.
I don't mind what you do.
My older brother is bigger than I am.
Quality matters more than quantity.
I go to sleep before my parents do.
She finished writing her novel.
This company has created a new product.
A very good plan was completed, incorporating the opinions of everyone.
She was so happy that she cried.
I was shocked by how cheap it was.
The father was so overcome with worry for his daughter that he collapsed.
It's too hot recently.
He changed a lot.
I am so tired that I cannot do my job.
Let's discuss together regarding that matter.
Those 2 are in love with each other.
We should help each other.