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Where on earth did you meet him?
What exactly are you doing?
Who in the world is that?
Tom will surely come as well?
Isn't that person over there Mr. Tanaka?
I don't think he'll come this time either.
He must be sick or something.
I want some orange juice or something.
I want to eat ice cream or something.
The phone rang when I was about to get in the bath.
I haven’t finished this book yet.
The half-finished cake is put on the table.
How long does it take to get from Tokyo to Kyoto by bullet train?
I took a nap from morning until evening.
In Japan, university entrance exam is usually held from February to March.
As a result of him skipping work, he was fired.
After consulting with everyone, I've decided to not participate this time.
I barely studied. As a result, I failed my exam.
He didn't buy it in the end.
I was invited by my good friend countless times, but ultimately decided not to go.
In the end, we lost this match.
I could never forget you.
I’ll never give up on my dream.
You must never enter this room under any circumstances.
This room cannot fit 100 people.
He has more money than he can spend.
This liquor is too strong, I couldn't finish drinking it all.
Please write the necessary information on this paper.
I transferred the money to your account.
Sorry, where should I put this product?