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This is the very thing I want.
It is I that should be saying thank you.
I've been searching forever for this!
Don't speak with a loud voice.
No eating dessert before dinner.
You must contact the school when you want to take a day off.
Considering the ground is wet, I know that it must have rained.
We became good friends from the fact that our seats were right next to each other in the classroom.
Many dogs are named "Shiro" (white) from the fact that their fur color is white.
At this library, you can borrow books for up to 2 weeks.
Cellphones are not allowed to be used during class.
It has been decided that over 60 points is a passing score.
I can go to the party, but I will probably be about 1 hour late.
Although I studied for the JLPT N3, I don't have confidence I can pass.
New games are still interesting, but I prefer older games.
I passed! It’s like a dream!
Amazing! It's just like magic!
That lady is beautiful and kind like an angel.
That's the last thing I expected.
I could never do such a thing.
I never thought that I could see him here.
He rarely reads books.
She rarely comes to see me.
He rarely cries.
If there are people who like to read books, there will also be people who dislike it.
If the student's attitude is bad, then the teacher's attitude will also be bad.
In life, there are both ups and downs.
I might not be able to come tomorrow.
I might be sick.
He might change his mind.