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I bet that hurts.
I'm sure he's still sleeping.
Tom has 7 cars, so there's no doubt he's rich.
What he has said is contrary to the facts.
Contrary to my expectation, he succeeded.
Smoking in the office is against company rules.
There is no one who can beat him in tennis.
Regarding manga, there is nobody who knows as much as I do.
I am more knowledgeable about guitar than anyone.
He is a beginner in regards to that.
Do you have any requests regarding delivery?
I have no complaints regarding my salary.
It's a bit cold today compared to yesterday.
London is large, compared with Paris.
His Japanese is better than before.
It was tough before I got used to life in Japan.
I am not used to getting up early.
You'll soon get used to your new college life before you know it!
I do my best with everything.
Back then, traveling abroad was like a dream.
It generally rains a lot in Spring.
It began to get colder as it got darker.
As one gets older, it becomes easier to get sick.
As I got used to life in Japan, my number of Japanese friends increased.
Regardless, Japan is a great country!
Regardless of what you do, make sure you think carefully before you take action.
In either case I cannot agree.
It's a bit hot for April.
You did a good job with the cake considering it was your first time.
That person looks considerably young for 50.