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He is kind towards her.
You must not speak towards customers that way.
My teacher is strict with boys but gentle with girls.
What do you think about this problem?
Please tell me more about your country.
Please tell me everything you know regarding that incident.
As the typhoon came closer, the wind gradually got stronger.
As I continued to improve my Japanese, life in Japan became more enjoyable.
It is normal for one's hair to turn white as they age.
What should I do to improve my Japanese?
In order to borrow a book from the library, you need this card.
I work overtime everyday to save money to get my kids into a good university.
According to the weather report, tomorrow it looks like it will rain.
According to what I heard, they have broken up.
According to the news, prices are expected to rise in the near future.
That depends on the situation.
Everyone has a different way of thinking.
Due to the heavy snow, the train was more than 2 hours late.
I wonder if it will be clear tomorrow.
What do they plan on doing with that?
Should I wait for that myself?
To study Japanese with a focus on grammar.
Everything in my life revolves around family.
That story is written around her life story.
In Tokyo, there are many tourist attractions like Tokyo Tower and so on.
There are many interesting Japanese anime, like Dragon Ball and so on.
Myself and numerous other people signed that poster.
I wrote her a letter full of my love.
I wrote this song filled with my wish for peace.
To help support my husband, every day I make him a lunch box full of my love.