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I learned that from a newspaper.
At the public square in front of this station, throughout the year there are various events held.
These 2 met through their university club activities.
I don't like oily foods.
I like your childish side.
That elementary school student is very adult-like.
Even children know that.
I'm so busy I don't even have time to eat.
My throat hurts so much I can't even drink water.
I'm happy as long as I have money.
You'll get better if you take your medicine.
As long as you are here I am happy.
Please contact me if you come to Japan.
Please don’t leave anything behind when you go home.
Please contact me whenever you are in trouble.
He is even taller than his father.
With this food, by adding a little bit of salt it will become even more delicious.
I want to know even more about that.
What shall I do now?
Now it's time for a quiz.
Well, let's have lunch.
Let's give it our all!
Enjoy yourself to the fullest!
He's 30 years old at most.
Please wait here for a while.
Hello, it's been a while!
I have free time for a while.
Shall we walk or drive?
Do you want your coffee hot, or would you prefer iced?
Will you go by subway or by the JR line?