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Japanese food is delicious, for example, sushi is so delicious!
I have many hobbies, fishing and climbing for example.
I want to go abroad, for instance, to Italy and Spain.
Even if you take a taxi, you won't make it in time.
It doesn't matter how spacious it may be, I don't want to live in a place far from the station.
Even if you fail this exam, just focus on doing your best on the next one.
This cat does nothing but sleep.
That child does nothing but cry.
If you keep only eating sweets, you're going to gain weight.
Try it one more time.
Please say that once more.
This tastes really good, so please eat it.
You must first get your parent's permission, otherwise you will not be able to study abroad in Japan.
Unless you follow the procedures, you cannot borrow books from the library.
I can't decide on this without consulting my manager.
I can't help thinking about that.
It's simply too cold today.
I have nothing to do today and am very bored.
The night passed without any accidents.
If money can resolve this, I will give any amount.
I had a fever and so I didn't go to school.
It would be no good if it rains, so please take an umbrella with you.
You'd better head out right away so you don't miss the bus.
Take a map with you in case you get lost.
This is not an occasion for laughter.
This is no time to be sad.
This is no time to be saying jokes!
Basically, I eat everything.
This is a political meeting.
She dropped out of school for monetary reasons.