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It is no use talking about that now.
Waiting here isn't gonna do any good, let's just head home.
There is no point in discussing this matter.
I don't mind if it rains.
I don't mind what you do.
Do you mind if I leave now?
It is no use going there.
I don't think this will get us anywhere.
There's no point in worrying about things beyond our control.
I hope you like it.
I hope I can see it.
I hope the weather will clear up tomorrow.
I’m busy this week, but not as much as last week.
Although I said that I can cook, I can only make fried eggs.
Although he may be the company president, there are only 4 employees.
"konbini" means "convenience store".
"pasokon" is short for "personal computer".
"dejikame" is the shortened way to say "digital camera".
He is more cute than cool.
He is more a teacher than a scholar.
My job is more of a hobby than a job.
He appears to be sick.
Luck seems to be heading his way.
Mr. Yamada seems busy now, which may be why he hasn't called.
I spend my life together with my guitar.
As spring grows nearer, it's gradually getting a bit warmer.
I will work together with the government.
The phone rang when I was in the middle of eating (dinner).
I saw my teacher on the way to school from the station.
She fell over on her way to the table.