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Nothing can be done about it.
I cannot thank you enough.
During the typhoon, the trains and busese are not operating, so I have no way to get to work.
I feel that it is true.
I think I understand.
I feel like I am going to win the lottery today.
I left early so I would not be late for the bus.
I will take some notes so as to not forget what the teacher said.
I made some flashcards to help me be able to memorize vocabulary.
He doesn't try to go to bed early.
That kid will not even try to eat vegetables.
He refuses to recognize that he's wrong.
I tried opening the door, but it was locked.
Just as I was about to take a bath, the phone rang.
Right when I was trying to leave work, it started to rain.
I passed the exam without studying.
This morning I went to school without eating breakfast.
Please go on ahead without worrying about me.
I can't help but to read that book.
She couldn’t stop thinking of him.
A compulsive TV viewer.
Let's move forward one step at a time.
She is recovering little-by-little.
Let's study 10 kanji a day!