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Prices just keep going up and up.
Since my grandmother fell, her health has been getting worse and worse.
This wound keeps getting worse and worse.
I wasn't able to go on this trip since I don't have any money.
I suffered since I lacked any experience.
I was mistaken as a criminal just because our faces are similar.
It seems like the weather cleared up.
It seems like my luck has ran out.
It looks like he left his wallet at home.
She has been taking a lot of days off of work recently.
I had a tendency to become sick when I was a child.
I tend to make a lot of mistakes at work.
He looked like he wanted to say something.
That person has a lonely look in their eyes.
The new employee looks a little bit nervous.
I'm feeling a bit tired due to continued overtime work.
I feel like I'm catching a cold, and I'm a bit feverish.
Since she has a bright personality, she is able to make friends no matter where she goes.
Since no one else will come, let's go ahead and close up shop.
He's got a reputation of being stingy with money, so it's doubtful he'd lend even just 100 yen.
It would be alright if I only messed up once, but I failed twice..
If it were 50 years ago, someone may believe you, but no one is going to believe that story now.
With my English ability, I can handle a bit of traveling, but studying abroad is out of the question.
I came home early today because I don't feel well.
It can't be helped. He's just a kid.
I didn't go to the party, because I didn't know about it.
I'm an only child so I grew up a little bit selfish.
I'm sorry for being late. Traffic was really crowded on my way in.
Is it alright if I take off my jacket? I feel really hot.