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If I could, I'd like to return to my home country right now.
If I could be reborn, I'd want to be a bird. Then I could fly through the sky.
If you can do it, let's see you try (This is a common phrase in shonen-style manga / anime).
Although it's fall, it is still hot.
Although I applied to take the test, I'm not sure if I'll take it or not.
Although I have my driver's license, I have rarely ever driven.
When you catch a cold, rather than take a bunch of meds, it's best to get a proper rest.
In summer, nothing beats a cold beer.
On a cold day, nothing beats a steaming bowl of ramen.
Even if your fever has gone down, you still need to rest.
My bike got pretty messed up in an accident, but at any rate, I'm just glad nobody was hurt.
Even if you will be absent, please contact us.
No mustard on the hamburger please!
Stop joking around and think about it seriously.
Tonight, let's not talk about work and just enjoy ourselves!
These shoes have a nice design, but the material looks cheap.
As one gets older, they tend to become more forgetful.
This milk is a little watery and doesn't taste very good.
Thank you so much for everything when I was in the hospital.
What is necessary at the time of application?
When studying, a quiet place is optimal to increase learning efficiency.
No matter how tough it gets, I can't keep crying like this.
I can't keep relying on my parents forever.
I can't keep asking my senpai for every little thing, I have to learn to do things on my own.
I'll do whatever it takes to get thin / lose weight.
I win by all means.
We must keep our word at all cost.
I have nothing to do today and am very bored.
I was given some money and was ecstatic!
It takes forever to go by bus.