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There are at least a thousand different Yamada's in this town. How do you plan to find him?
I walked at least 10 km to get home.
My husband has numerous bikes that cost about 300,000 yen (or more).
I came today to show my gratitude.
I was nearby and so I came to visit.
During this greeting I would like to say a few words of thanks.
My mother works as a farmer while also working a part-time job at night.
While writing professionally, this novelist also plays the piano as a hobby.
She raises her children while also holding cooking classes at her home.
Although this location is a little inconvenient, there is a lot of nature and it is a nice area.
Although she makes some small mistakes, her Japanese is nearly perfect.
Although it is very hard work, nursing care is a job worth doing.
This student's handwriting is difficult to read, but their story is good.
The color and shape of that mushroom is beautiful, but it is poisonous and you will get sick if you eat it.
My boyfriend's cooking usually looks bad, but the taste is really good.
What you've done is praiseworthy and (absolutely) should not be criticized.
Gray hair never decreases, it only increases. Example 3
I appreciate everything you've done and have no ill feelings despite everything that happened (emphasized).
Without knowing the present situation, we will not be able to predict what will happen in the future.
Without cooperation with one another, humans will not be able to continue to exist.
It is not possible to find a solution without looking at past cases.
In order to not get lost, I checked the location on Google Maps.
We should be more generally prepared for a disaster so that we do not panic when it happens.
From now on, be careful to not get mixed up in this kind of crime again.
I'd rather die than do that.
I'd rather get sick myself than watch my son suffer.
I'd rather deal with it myself than hurt my friend.
You're the only one who can convince her to not quit her job.
We are only able to buy this size house.
You can only aim for the universities at this ranking / level.