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I just wanted to ask (there's nothing else to it).
If my salary is just going to get lower, I have no choice but to quit.
If my wife is going to disagree, then I'll have no choice but to give up.
This is not even a problem worth mentioning.
It goes without saying that America is a very large country.
Regarding this topic, there's no need to get approval from the department head.
When I went to the beach, I got covered in sand while playing around.
She's giving her all in volleyball practice and completely drenched in sweat.
Somebody call and ambulance! This person is collapsed and covered in blood.
The contract extension must be agreed by both parties.
Notice of a change of address shall be effective only upon receipt of concerned parties.
Let's assume Mr. Smith is not coming and get started.
Please continue the lesson as though I were not here.
I took the mid-level kanji class assuming I understood basic kanji.
Even though you can do it, why don't you?
I wish I had just not said anything, but I ended up saying some unnecessary stuff.
It's a shame that you did not pass. You were very close.
If you won't call, then at least send a message.
Even though I cannot become a pro, I plan to enter more cycling races.
I won't clean my room every day, but I'll try to do it at least once a week.
Success is not possible without effort.
It doesn't matter how much money one has, they cannot be happy without a healthy body.
Without mutual understanding of each other, it is not possible for different countries to have a good friendship with each other.
Your cooking is at a professional level.
My classmate plays tennis as a hobby, but they are able to play at a professional level.
As an English teacher, he/she is average.
That is something only you would be able to think of.
There is no one who I can entrust this job to other than you.
This is a special price that is only offered in this store.