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The company president left the room as soon as they hung up the phone.
Once our son returns from school, all he does is use the computer.
As soon as I opened the window, some strange bug entered the room.
In his own way, Yamada is a pretty good guy.
I think I understand why my senior quit his job.
If you can't do it well at this pace, then don't push yourself too hard and go at a slower pace.
Bring anyone you'd like.
I want to meet up, even if it's just for a little bit.
While attempting to talk to that youngster, I felt that I was able to sympathize a bit with them.
Please get in touch with her by e-mail or phone.
You're face is pretty pale. Please sit down or lay down, whatever makes you comfortable.
If you're not going to use it anymore, I think it's best you either give it to someone else or throw it away.
It is not possible to watch this movie without crying.
ou cannot use that without your teacher's permission.
We can't do it without everyone's cooperation.
My mother is a university lecturer, but she is an ordinary mother at home.
No matter how complicated of a situation it may become, he will never give up.
It's difficult to grow profits considering the current circumstances.
If you ask anyone from our generation, they'll agree that that person's actions are not normal.
People often say my dad is a genius, but if you ask me, he's simply a hard worker.
If you ask me, I would say that the best Japanese food is ramen.
It is not only this country where young people have bad manners.
It's not only recently that I became unable to write kanji, I've been like this way back since I started using a smartphone.
The flu that spread around this semester was not only big this year, but also last year as well.
She is both a doctor and a manga artist.
A tornado blew away the house next door in an instant.
If that genius couldn't solve it then it's only natural that you couldn't either.
I wonder how long this current economic slump will continue.
I'm not sure how I should approach him, as he recently lost his wife to cancer.
The kids at the park by my apartment are really loud. Although it can't be helped, is there no place for me to vent my frustration?