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Since I'm out of work, I've just been hanging out with my friends everyday. I'm not sure if I'm "full of free time" or busy.
I'm not sure if it was a lie or the truth, but my boyfriend told me that he loves me!
Lately I've gotten a lot of requests for freelance work. I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad though, since I have no free time to enjoy myself.
Even if I each my mother how to use a smartphone, she forgets right after I teach her.
I forget names almost instantly after I hear them.
Our child messes up the room as soon as we finish cleaning it.
Getting married is out of the question. I've never even talked to a man before.
I can't talk about this problem with even my family.
Even small children know that stealing is something bad.
Please act as if you did not hear anything.
I submitted the report that my friend wrote as if I wrote it myself.
She keeps acting as if she graduated from university, but I'm pretty sure she dropped out.
Even if (I) run, there's no way (I'd) make it.
Even if I read it numerous times, I wouldn't be able to understand anything.
With such a large amount of debt, even if I sold my house, I wouldn't be able to pay it off.
Once my wife falls asleep, she doesn't wake up until morning.
Once he enters the arcade, he doesn't leave.
My daughter is a little bit stubborn, so once someone says something, regardless of who it is, she will not listen.
Have you seen that McD's flyer? If you've already thrown it away, that's fine.
It doesn't matter whether or not we have it, one way or another things will work out.
If there's no writing paper, then copy paper will work.
I was often told by my grandma to not waste even a single grain of rice.
That shop is strict on their prices, and won't even drop a single yen.
I've never missed writing a single day in my diary.
Anyone who calls themselves a parent should properly discipline their children when they misbehave.
University students should feel ashamed if they are not being able to use computers.
The president of any country should never say anything like this.
Only after you become a parent can you understand the struggles and feelings of raising children.
Only after you start earning a living for yourself can you claim to be independent.