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I don't plan on buying a house if it means taking on debt.
He wanted to succeed so much, even to the point of sacrificing his health.
I supported her, even though it meant defying my father.
I can't go shopping when it rains like this..
Today is my girlfriend's birthday, but since the guest of honor is sick, there's no choice but to postpone the party.
My daughter is really worried about her pimples and sighing every time she looks at a mirror.
I don't trust that guy since he's been married and divorced multiple times.
I've just been eating and sleeping all month during Summer break and I've gained 5 kilograms.
I keep repeating the cycle of memorizing and forgetting what I've studied.
If my father has work, he'll go anywhere, even on Sundays.
I'd do anything for my daughter.
For my son, I'll endure any hardships that come around.
They talked for hours because they had not seen each other in a long time.
Since it's Golden Week, no matter where you go it'll be busy.
Since it was the championship match, the tickets sold out right away.
That's pretty close (not correct, but not far off)
Even a 3 year old child knows this.
Even siblings sometimes hate each other.
I'm useless when it comes to sports or studying or anything really.
He may be young, but there is nothing lacking in experience and ability.
I found a shirt with a design and colors that I really liked, but they didn't have my size.
The temperature is too low. Painful seems more appropriate to say than "cold".
I really like "anko" (Japanese red bean paste), or rather I should say I can't live without it.
I don't think I will go. Actually, I don't have any money, so I can't go.
I'm not sure if that's more interesting or more rare. In any case, it's pretty strange.
I passed the exam, but my best friend did not. It's a complicated feeling as I'm not sure if I should be happy or not.
She really did that? Is she absurd or just ignorant? I really don't understand her actions.
He's been skipping class for this past month.
Since getting married, we haven't gone out to eat once.
Since I started living on my own, I haven't had a proper meal.