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I study Japanese for about 2 to 3 hours a day.
The hourly range is generally 850 to 1,000 yen.
I go to the gym about 2 or 3 times a week.
Japanese people, children and adults, love to read manga (comics).
My daughters room is covered in Disney princess posters, from the walls, to the ceiling, to pretty much everywhere.
I don't eat meat of any kind, be it chicken, beef, or whatever.
That university's reconstruction appears to be pretty difficult.
My older brother always performs well with his grades, so he's expected to pass (his next exam).
In Aichi prefecture, a large earthquake is expected to come in the near future.
Whenever my colleague experiences even just minor problems, they always ask me for help rather than trying to solve it by them-self.
Whenever my sister notices that someone she likes is broke, she suddenly appears to lose all interest.
As soon as she notices the shop staff is Chinese, she speaks in Chinese.
Once the departure time actually came, I started to get a bet nervous.
He's a really great person, but I feel like he's a bit unreliable when it comes to marriage.
Once you become a high class restaurant, it's necessary for all of the male staff to wear neckties.
I thought I won the lottery, but I had read the number wrong.
I thought I had finally reached the peak of Mt. Fuji, but then realized I was still only at the 8th aid station.
I finished my exam and thought I could finally relax, but then got assigned a bunch of homework.
My son is lacking the necessary knowledge to survive in society as an adult.
The biggest problem in this company is that there are no good leaders.
This substances is considered to promote plant growth.
Even if (we) rush, (we) likely won't make it in time.
We won't make it in time even if we run, so let's just take the next train.
I will not be able to forget this incident even if I try to.
Thank for for gathering despite this busy time.
Although I normally go to work by train, today I went by car.
I was saved by a doctor when I was in a life threatening traffic accident.
Anyone who calls themselves a parent should properly discipline their children when they misbehave.
University students should feel ashamed if they are not being able to use computers.
The president of any country should never say anything like this.