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She's really good at answering questions in a way where you can't tell if she's agreeing or disagreeing.
One can't really say whether video games nowadays are good or bad for children.
I can't tell if this is genuine or fake.
I ran into my friend while wandering around the supermarket with no particular plan to buy anything.
I often drive around with no destination in mind on my days off.
I noticed a flyer which had a picture of my friend on it.
According to one of the neighbors, someone died in that house last night.
Yoshida-san left a message saying that he would be about 5 minutes late.
According to the company president, our salaries will be going up by 10% next year.
I heard that rent was expensive in San Francisco, but I never imagined it would be this high.
It's a shame that I am not able to attend my younger sister's wedding.
It's such a shame that such a talented person like her has suddenly died.
Although I wasn't aware of any wrong doing at the time, I deeply apologize for my rude behavior.
Even for teachers, there are things that they cannot answer.
I know that you only recently started working here, but don't you think you can do a better greeting than that?
In that movie, the cop and the criminal play cat and mouse, leading to a pretty thrilling development.
In today's cycling race, the top two kept changing positions fighting for the top spot.
That stalker was walking back and forth holding his camera in front of a famous idol's house.
Whether that is a new or used, I don't think you should buy such and old model.
Whether it be fish or meat, I'll eat anything.
Come rain or snow, I'm definitely going to tomorrow's event!
From today, I've decided to quit alcohol.
I bought a new house. This week we'll be saying goodbye to our current apartment.
At the end of next month, this restaurant will be closing up shop.
At today's meeting, starting with Mr. Tanaka's statement, a lot of contrary opinions were raised.
The idol group I like will be performing in 10 places across Japan, starting in Tokyo.
Her store first succeeded in Nagoya, and then continued to expand and succeed in other areas.
If she makes use of her talent, she is likely to succeed.
Whenever I asked that teacher anything, they always answered sincerely.
If you consider recent technology, that development is really not all that difficult.