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As soon as the boss entered the room, it suddenly got quiet.
He ran as soon as he got off the train for his transfer, but it doesn't look like he made his transfer in time.
That child vomited the instant they put that in their mouth.
It's raining. Should I go to buy groceries or not?
If you're not sure if you want to marry him or not, I think it's best you don't.
That newspaper reporter was deciding whether or not to to submit an article for publication, but ended up worrying too much and decided not to.
I plan on going alone regardless if you are against it or not.
The match will be held rain or shine.
Regarless of me being there, they started fighting.
I like dressing up in all black.
I did nothing but eat while on vacation and gained a bit of weight.
This part-time job is full of rules, I just wanna quit.