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Vindication (n.)
something that clears one of blame, exonerate.
Reprimand (v.)
to criticize or rebuke.
Subvert (v.)
overthrow, undermine, suppress.
Belabor (v.)
to attack; to explain or insist incessantly
Deleterious (adj.)
harmful to one's health.
Flout (v.)
to treat with disregard or scorn.
Circumvent (v.)
avoid, to manage to get around
Propound (v.)
to offer for discussion or consideration.
Eschew (v.)
avoid, forego, be abstemious.
Amorphous (adj.)
having no definite form, shapeless.
Indelible (adj.)
incapable of being erased, permanent, lasting
Innocuous (adj.)
harmless, inoffensive.
Inscrutable (adj.)
not readily understood, mysterious, hard to figure out.