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Perquisite (n.)
exclusive right or benefit, profit or gain, perk.
Prerequisite (n.)
something required.
Prodigal (adj.)
wasteful, spending money recklessly.
Prodigious (adj.)
very large, extraordinary number or amount.
Provincial (adj.)
narrow-minded, lacking urban refinement, having only a local outlook.
Providential (adj.)
occurring as if by providence or fate.
Seditious (adj.)
Sedulous (adj.)
hard-working, diligent.
Solicitude (adj.)
concerned and anxious, caring.
Solitude (n.)
Temerity (n.)
recklessness, boldness.
Timidity (n.)
shyness, lacking confidence.
Voluble (adj.)
very talkative.
Voluminous (adj.)
very large.
Discrete (adj.)
separate elements.
Discreet (adj.)
prudent, cautious, using good judgment.
Acrid (adj.)
bitter, harsh, irritating
Arid (adj.)
lacking water.
Aesthetics (n.)
pertaining to beauty, a pleasing effect
Ascetic (n.)
person who refrains from indulging in pleasures and practices self- denial.
Acetic (adj.)
acid, harsh, vinegary.
Atheistic (n.)
without belief in any God.