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Aggregate (n.)
sum, total, or mixture.
Audacious (adj.)
recklessly bold, rash, fearlessly daring.
Aviary (n.)
a place for keeping birds confined.
Debunk (v.)
to prove wrong or false.
Laconic (adj.)
using few words in speech, very concise.
Querulous (adj.)
whining, habitually complaining
Whimsical (adj.)
fanciful, subject to erratic and changeable behavior.
Hardy (adj.)
healthy and strong.
Homogeneous (adj.)
all the same, opposite of heterogeneous.
Intrepid (adj.)
Recount (v.)
to tell a story in detail.
Lofty (adj.)
elevated in character and spirit.
Opportunist (n.)
a person who seeks self-gain.
Autonomous (adj.)
capable of existing independently; auto = one.
Bolster (v.)
strengthen, support (physically or emotionally)
Candor (n.)
Fastidious (adj.)
careful, attentive to detail, fussy
Bombastic (adj.)
using language in a pompous way.
Hackneyed (adj.)
commonplace and overused; lacking originality.
Assuage (v.)
to alleviate, lessen pain or conflict.