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Quantify (v)
to determine, express, or measure the quantity of.
Humdrum (adj.)
monotonous, dull
Notoriety (n.)
generally talked of an known, especially for something negative.
Ignominy (n.)
personal humiliation or disgrace.
Obscurity (n.)
a state of being not well known, hidden.
Acclaim (n.)
praise, applause.
Extroverted (adj.)
outgoing, sociable, unreserved.
Magnanimous (adj.)
big-hearted, forgiving, kind.
Effusive (adj.)
pouring forth
Supercilious (adj.)
ooking down on others, haughty.
Benevolence (n.)
having the urge to do good, showing kindness.
Paragon (n.)
model, example, stereotype.
Frugality (n.)
characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources, not spending a lot of money.
Esoteric (adj.)
profound, understood by few, occult
Lucid (adj.)
clear, transparent.
Unencumbered (adj.)
not burdened with cares or responsibilities.
Prosaic (adj.)
dull, everyday, commonplace.