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Imprudent (adj)
careless, rash, lacking good judgment.
Impudent (adj.)
rude, disrespectful, not showing respect for another person.
Indigenous (adj.)
native to a place.
Indigent (adj.)
poor, impoverished.
Indignant (adj.)
angry, feeling something is unjust.
Intimate (v.)
suggest, hint at.
Intimidate (v.)
Obscure (adj./v.)
hard to understand, abstract; to make unknown.
Obtuse (adj)
not pointed, blunt; not very sharp or clear.
Ponderable (adj.)
important enough to require a lot of thought.
Ponderous (adj.)
heavy, weight, dull, lifeless.
Adept (adj.)
skilled at.
Inept (adj.)
Amity (n.)
Enmity (n.)
mutual hatred or ill-will
Bemoan (v.)
lament, express grief over.
Bemuse (v.)
confuse or occupy the attentions of
Capacious (adj.)
Rapacious (adj.)
greedy, covetous, grasping.