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Polemical (adj.)
inclined to argue, controversial, on opposite ends or poles.
Munificent (adj.)
very generous.
Penurious (adj.)
without money, great poverty.
Conflagration (n.)
great fire or conflict.
Baneful/baleful (adj.)
harmful, pernicious, causing ruin.
Impugn (v.)
oppose or attack something as false.
Phlegmatic (adj.)
hard to get excited or emotional, sluggish
Soporific (adj.)
causing sleep.
Obsequious (adj.)
kissing up, overly attentive.
Ardent (adj.)
full of passion and emotion.
Dogmatic (adj.)
strongly opinionated and rigid, stubborn.
Dogma (n.)
accepted set of beliefs
Panegyric (n.)
formal or elaborate praise, eulogistic in nature.
Myriad (n./adj.)
large number, countless.
Abstemious (adj.)
abstaining or holding back in eating or drinking.
Chary (adj.)
wary, cautious.
Tenet (n.)
belief, or doctrine held to be true.
Antediluvian (adj.)
very old; antiquated.
Neophyte (n.)
a beginner.
Hedonist (n.)
the belief that pleasure is the sole goal in life.