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Dispensable (adj.)
able to do without, not needed.
Deftly (adv.)
using facility and skill.
Diffused (adj.)
to be spread out or scattered.
Gaseous (adj.)
having the form of gas; also, lacking substance or solidity.
Belied (v.)
disguised, to give a false impression of.
Volatile (adj.)
"explosive or prone to anger; also, difficult to capture or hold permanently, transitory, shifting. "
Subdued (adj.)
lacking in vitality, intensity, or strength.
Anticipated (adj.)
to expect, to foresee.
Diplomat (n.)
skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility, showing tact.
Pacifist (n.)
promoting peace, strongly to conflict and war.
Backslider (n.)
one who retrogresses or revert to a worse condition
Demagogue (n.)
leader, appealing to emotion or prejudice.
Prognosticator (n.)
one who forecasts, predicts.
Dormancy (n.)
state of inactivity, asleep.