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List #7: Secondary Definitions

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Hamper (v.)
to hinder, prevent
Flag (v.)
to signal/warn OR to fall off in energy/vigor.
Husband (v.)
to manage one’s money cautiously.
Economy (n.)
thrifty and efficient use of material resources; to be efficient and concise use of language, or motion.
Buffet (v.)
to fight against.
Compromise (v.)
to settle by a compromise and thus expose or make vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, jeopardize.
Currency (n.)
the general use, acceptance, or prevalence.
Discriminate (v.)
to notice or perceive the small differences, use careful judgment.
Qualify (v.)
to moderate, to make less harsh or strict.
Worst (v.)
to gain advantage over, defeat another.
Check (v.)
to block the progress of.