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Condemned (adj.)
to declare reprehensible or wrong, to find guilty, convict.
Voracious (adj.)
starving, greedy, ravenous, insatiable
Diminutive (adj.)
notably small or tiny.
Superfluous (adj.)
extra, unnecessary.
Partisanship (n.)
a firm adherent to a party faction, cause, or person; one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance.
Jingoistic (adj.)
one who is an extreme nationalist, chauvinist.
Creed (n.)
set of beliefs
Repudiate (v.)
disown, refuse to accept.
Courtier (n.)
one in attendance at a royal court; one who practices flattery.
Stipulate (v.)
to make an agreement or covenant to do something; contract.
Surmise (v.)
to infer, make a guess.
Missive (n.)
letter (mail)
Lament (v.)
to mourn aloud, regret, wail
Evanescence (n.)
short-lived, ephemeral, transient