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Biological Treatment of S.Z

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Anti-psychotic Drugs
also known as 'neuroleptics' and is used to treat acute episodes of psychosis.
a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.
Loebel et al (1992)
found that 16% of S.Z did not respond to Anti-psychotics.
Clozapine Drugs
an Atypical neuroleptic that has proven effective in cases where traditional drugs have failed to treat symptoms of S.Z.
Meltzer (1999)
has shown a 66% of patients with stubborn symptoms do respond within 12 months.
Anti-psychotic Drugs Symptoms
muscular spasm/ Parkinsonism/ Involuntary movements of the tongue and head.
Clozapine Drugs Symptoms
fatal lowering of the white blood cells/ Sedation/ Weight gain/ Hyper-salivation.
extreme restlessness and agitation.
does not lead to the distressing side effects at normal dosage, but is very expensive.