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Behavioural Treatment of S.Z

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Behavioural Therapies
are based on the use rewards and reinforcements to modify behaviour.
Paul and Lentz (1977)
found a significant improvement in interpersonal skills and self-care in the 'token economy group' compared with the 'Milieu Therapy'
Milieu Therapy
a treatment that attempts to control the socio-environment so that it is more conductive to psychological improvement.
Token Economy
a person is rewarded for a desirable behaviour by being given tokens.
Social Skill Training (SST)
aims to modify the social behaviour of people with S.Z. A highly structured therapy in which these techniques are employed; modelling, reinforcement and role play to aids with non/verbal skills.
Halford and Hayes (1992)
introduced the learning of conversational skills, assertion and conflict management, medication and life skills to the SST.
Birchwood and Spencer (1999)
found that SST is effective in increasing patient's ability, comfort and assertiveness in social situations.
Shepherd (1977)
the SST is not always realistic. This finding revealed that when assessing social functioning following SST training in a number of naturalistic settings.