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Psychotherapy of S.Z

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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
has focuses on individual symptoms such as Hallucination and Delusion. Provides coping methods.
Tarrier (1987)
studied the effectiveness of coping methods on 25 patients. 75% disclosed the use of coping strategies such as distraction, positive self-talk and relaxation.
Coping Strategy Enhancement (CSE)
aims to teach the individual how to use coping strategies to reduce the frequency and intensity of psychotic symptoms.
1. Asses the form and the content
... of the psychotic experience, e.g. 'Is there one voice or more?'
2. Asses the emotional response
... e.g. 'How do the voice make you feel; are you afraid or anxious?'
3. Asses the person's thoughts
... that accompany the emotion, e.g. 'Do you think you are in danger?'
4. Asses any prior warning
... or antecedent, e.g. 'Do you know when the voices will appear?'
5. Asses the individual's coping strategies
... e.g. 'How do you cope with this?'
6. The individual then rates each training
... in terms of its effectiveness.
Education and Rapport Training
one of the two components of CSE; involves creating an ambiance and shared understanding so that therapist and client can work together.
Symptom Training
one of the two components of CSE; targets one symptom and coping method is enhanced and practiced in sessions/ for homework record its effectiveness.
Tarrier et al (1993)
50% of patients taking anti-psychotic drugs reported improvement in positive symptoms of S.Z/ the dropout rate is rather high at 47%.
Cognitive Therapy
the therapy requires thoughts and their associated affects to be elicited and challenged.
Watts et al (1973)
the important principles of the Cognitive Therapy are; Start with the least important belief/ Work with evidence for that belief, not the belief itself.
Chadwick et al (1996)
the case of Nigel who thought he could tell what people were going to say. Shown a video, had to guess what is to be said on 50 accounts/ all incorrect. He concluded that he did not have powers.
Kuipers et al (1997)
found a 40% reduction in the severity of psychotic symptoms. (For Delusions)
Drury et al (1996)
during a period of acute psychosis, cognitive therapy led to a faster response to treatment in a group of patients with S.Z compared with drugs alone, and to improved recovery.