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Unit 13: I describe illness and injuries

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itchy scalp
Scalp the skin covering the part of the head where your hair is. If it itches (or is itchy), you want to scratch it
splitting headache
a very bad headache
hay fever
An allergy affecting the nose, eyes, And throat' caused by pollen from plants.
mouth ulcers
Small sore areas inside the mouth. Usually lasting few days.
Put a bone out of its normal position.
nasty rash
Rash an area of red spots on the skin, caused by an illness or a reaction to sth; nasty = unpleasant (also a nasty accident).
upset stomach
a stomach problem causing sickness or diarrhoea (passing waste from the body too often and in liquid form).
unable to move waste material from the body. Constipation N
high blood pressure
blood pressure the pressure of the blood as it moves round the body. (high and low blood pressure are problem conditions.)
sprained ankle
Give up something important or valuable in order to do something that seems more important. [sacrifice something]
Maximize something
Sprain sth injure a part Of the body (usually the wrist or ankle) by turning it suddenly. SYN twist sth. pull a muscle injure a muscle by stretching it too much.
blister heel
a sore swelling on the surface of the skin (here on the back or the foot} often caused by rubbing or burning.